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Your smile is your MOST VALUABLE ASSET!  Oral Hygiene is a vital element to overall health for life.  Click below if you want to find out how you can help your kids have healthy smiles forever with my simple, no fuss, no nagging, fun and interactive activities and programs!  



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Kids love to learn in fun, interactive learning environments.  Oral Hygiene is no different!  Repeatedly nagging, yelling, getting frustrated and giving up doesn’t promote the importance of daily oral hygiene or help your child learn how to brush and floss properly, make healthy food choices or have positive dental experiences. 


Learning while playing is crucial in a child’s development.  My programs and activiites incorporate play-based role playing to learn how to look after active little smiles. 


What child doesn’t love making things!  By making their own oral hygiene activity tools – interaction and enthusiasm is increased allowing kids to get in touch with their creative side while learning.


Role play is a great educational tool to help consolidate concepts and practices that children learn.  Brushing Bootcamp incorporates this idea by creating activities which your child can to follow along with to get your child excited about oral health.

Have Fun!

Fun is key!  Kids who enjoy what they are learning will learn faster and retain the knowledge they are taught.  Allowing your child to create and imagine at the same time as learning helps them learn these valuable skills that they can continue for life! 


Have fun!  Get Involved!  Learn!  Get Your Mouth Moving!

Brushing Bootcamp Original

Brushing Bootcamp


Get your kids smile active with this simple 5 module program to get your smile shining bright!
Brushing Bootcamp Educator

Brushing Bootcamp

Want a fun way to teach your students about oral health?  This is it!  Full of interactive learning materials to get your students excited about oral health!

Ballerina Brushing Bootcamp

Brushing Bootcamp

Get your tutu’s out as we fill our tiara with jewels after catching each bite bug! Learn how to look after your kids teeth and keep their smile sparkling with this girls focussed program!

Brushing Bootcamp

Get your helmet on and let’s chase those bite bugs!  Collect the medals as you help your child learn how to look after their teeth with this oral health program designed for boys!

Baby Brushing Bootcamp

Brushing Bootcamp

Get your helmet on and let’s chase those bite bugs! Collect the medals as you help your child learn how to look after their teeth with this oral health program designed for boys!

Get Your Kids Loving Looking After Their Smiles Today!

Raving Reviews

Brushing Bootcamp Reviews
“My kids have been seeing Leah for years, they absolutely love her. I wish there was a “Leah” around when I was a child. Highly recommend Leah to everyone!”
Mandy H

Brushing Bootcamp Reviews
“My kids have been seeing Leah for years now and we’ve never looked back.  Leah is a fantastic Dental Professional who is both gentle and thorough. I know my children’s teeth are in good hands with her expert advice and patience!”
Fiona H
“Leah offers oral health care for the whole family. Her practice is high standard and professional. She is amazing with children and I highly recommend her care. The kids are always excited to go for their regular check ups, so thank you for all that you do for my family”
Tarryn P


Brushing Bootcamp Reviews
“She has seen all my 5 kids and I will tell one of them was real hard to get any dental work done. Leah was wonderful and patient and has now made my daughter want to be the first one in the chair.
Belinda W


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All files, videos and activities as part of all Brushing Bootcamp Programs are solely for learning and education purposes and DO NOT replace the need for clinical dental advice by a registered dental professional. Activities are art based and require 100% suervision from an adult and are for the purpose of learning about oral health NOT replacing the need for regular dental care by a registered dental professional. During all activities throughout the Brushing Bootcamp Programs ensure all items and implements used to complete each activity are child friendly and child safe including the use of non-toxic, non-allergenic, child safe substances and that childrent are supervise 100% by an adult and wear personal protective equipment where necessary. It is advisable to wash hands before and after all activities and steps specifically instructing the supervising adult to perform MUST NOT be completed by a child under 18 years of age.