Active Little Smiles

Fun and educational programs to help educators, kids, and their parents learn about keeping healthy mouths for life!


Getting your kids to brush their teeth can seem like another chore in an already busy schedule – I hear you as a fellow parent – but there’s a really good reason why we need to do this every day!

Hands up if your kids have ever complained about brushing their teeth? My kids definitely have! ‘Do we have to?’, ‘I don’t want to’, ‘Not again!’ The struggle is REAL! The problem is that dental decay in children is still a prominent health issue and if we don’t all brush and floss our teeth every day, our risk of dental decay increases, which can lead to lengthy treatments and costly bills.

The trick is getting your kids to want to brush and floss in an easy, exciting and enjoyable way – every day!

The secret... Brushing Bootcamp!

Brushing Bootcamp

Suitable for 3-10 year old children

Get excited to brush and floss with Brushing Bootcamp! Explore the world of Oral Health through the eyes of your very own brushing puppet and included art-based activities based on the important aspects of keeping your teeth healthy.  

This fun, self-paced, interactive, 5 action program will have your kids running to the bathroom every day to take care of their teeth! Whether your child aspires to be an Original Brushing Warrior, a BMX Champion, a Pirouetting Ballerina there is a program for all. Learn how to brush, floss, get parent's help, make healthy food choices and visit the dentist with bonus brushing beats, rap or melody to get your child grooving!

Let’s get your mouth moving! Time for fun with three unique options:

  • 5 Action Modules:  Brushing, Flossing, Parent, Food Friends & Dental
  • Easy to follow guidebook
  • Activity Video & Action Video for each module
  • Brushing + flossing chart to track your progress
  • D.I.Y. Powerband, Medal holder or Tiara to collect your reward for each module
  • Completion Certificate
  • Bonus Brushing song: Brushing Beats, Brushing Rap or Brushing Melody

Baby Brushing Bootcamp

Suitable for 0-3 year old children

Congratulations! Expecting a child is always an exciting experience! Wanting to ensure your new little bundle of joy is always happy and healthy are paramount in parenting. Your baby’s oral health is a very important part of their overall health and yours.

As a Mum myself, and passionate oral health educator of children, it is paramount that you and your baby get the best start to their oral health right from pregnancy. This program will educate you on the most common oral health issues you will encounter and teach you the basic skills you will need to start your baby’s oral health journey off on the right path.

Join me and learn how to keep those beautiful baby smiles healthy for life!

  • Part 1: Oral Health and Pregnancy
  • Webinar - 36mins (MP4)
  • Summary of webinar (PDF)
  • Adult Toothbrushing Video (MP4)
  • Adult Flossing Video (MP4)
  • Part 2: Oral Health and Babies
  • Webinar - 30 mins (MP4)
  • Summary of webinar (PDF)
  • Baby Toothbrushing Video (MP4)
  • Toddler Toothbrushing Video (MP4)
  • Bonus Baby Toothbrushing Games (PDF)

Active Little Thumbs

Suitable for 5+ year old children

Thumb and finger sucking is a very common habit amongst young children. The issue is that long-term thumb and finger sucking habits can impact correct oral development of your child’s teeth, facial muscles, swallowing and breathing patterns and increase the need for orthodontic treatment.  

The Active Little Thumbs Program helps your child to stop their thumb and finger sucking habits using methods that are child-friendly and easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. The best part, is that this program allows your child to say goodbye to their habit without any emotional stress or overwhelm.

Contact me today to find out more about this local service.

  • 16 week in-person program to help your child confidently stop thumb and finger sucking habits
  • 6 appointments over the 16 weeks
  • All support materials for the first month (top-ups to be purchased separately as required)
  • Prizes for each appointment (if compliant and haven't sucked thumb/fingers)
  • Celebration Day Party when program complete
  • Personal support from myself throughout entire course of program

Educator Bootcamp

Suitable for Educators in Childcare, Kindergartens, Pre-school and Primary School

Hi there! Are you an educator for kids under 10? Do you struggle to find new, play-based resources to teach this essential lesson? I’ve created an Active Little Smiles program that is perfect for educational centres and schools.

Educator Bootcamp is an interactive and fun, 5 learning module program with art-based activities to help the little people in your care learn about good oral health. The modules cover brushing, flossing, parent help, healthy diet choices and visiting the dentist for the first time!

I also have a bonus brushing & flossing program, with a super fun brushing song to help make brushing even more fun!!

The Educator Bootcamp program is an excellent resource for all educators, with an easy-to-follow program that you can run every year.

  • All of the inclusions from the Original Brushing Warrior Bootcamp program, listed above
  • Exclusive ‘Bite Bug Blitz’ follow along book
  • Bonus Done-For-You Toothbrushing Program
  • 4 instructional videos: Brushing Bottle Activity, Brushing Bottle Station Activity, Daily Brushing & Flossing Routine, Brushing Bottle Cleaning Routine.
  • Educator Brushing Bootcamp Program Guide (PDF)
  • Brushing Bottle and Brushing Station Activity (PDF)
  • Brushing Station Print-outs (PDF)
  • Consent Forms (PDF)
  • Completion Certificate (PDF)


“My kids have been seeing Leah for years now and we’ve never looked back. Leah is a fantastic Dental Professional who is both gentle and thorough. I know my children’s teeth are in good hands with her expert advice and patience!” - FIONA H

“My kids have been seeing Leah for years, they absolutely love her. I wish there was a “Leah” around when I was a child. Highly recommend Leah to everyone!” - MANDY H

“Leah offers oral health care for the whole family. Her practice is high standard and professional. She is amazing with children and I highly recommend her care. The kids are always excited to go for their regular check ups, so thank you for all that you do for my family.” - TARRYN P

“She has seen all my 5 kids and I will tell one of them was real hard to get any dental work done. Leah was wonderful and patient and has now made my daughter want to be the first one in the chair.” - BELINDA W

Book Leah in person!

I’ve made our Active Little Smiles Bootcamp programs accessible, easy-to-follow, and suitable for all educators in Australia (and the world)
If you’re in the Mackay region, you can book me in person! Bubbly and fun, your students will love learning with me.

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