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Download this FREE brushing video to get your kids started on oral health with this simple, easy to follow along video that you can use everyday to keep your teeth smiling bright!






Why This Works!

★ Fun!

No more boring brushing demos!  A  new simple, fun way for kids to remember exactly what they need to do to look after their teeth with simple, follow along videos.

★ Simple!

Easy to copy brushing and flossing patterns to show your kids that brushing can be done properly without the fuss.

★ Interactive Learning!

The Brushing Bootcamp programs all stimulate and involve kids to make sure they remember all that they learn through art-based activities and easy to copy videos.

Why This Is What You Need!

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to nag your children repeatedly, day in day out to brush their teeth?
Want to avoid the guilt of them having a filling or worse a tooth extracted?
Or the expensive bill and stress of the whole dental experience altogether?
After years and years of treating children in the dental setting I knew something had to change! There is still so many pitfalls in access, education and health beliefs and decay in children was not decreasing which was a major concern.
The Active Little Smiles concept and more importantly Brushing Bootcamp programs are you solution!  
These programs were designed with engaging kids and getting them actively involved in the learning process to consolidate the habits they need to set for life to avoid decay, pain, expense and negative dental experiences.
Get your copy today and start your fun journey to mouth health!



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All files, videos and activities as part of all Brushing Bootcamp Programs are solely for learning and education purposes and DO NOT replace the need for clinical dental advice by a registered dental professional. Activities are art based and require 100% suervision from an adult and are for the purpose of learning about oral health NOT replacing the need for regular dental care by a registered dental professional. During all activities throughout the Brushing Bootcamp Programs ensure all items and implements used to complete each activity are child friendly and child safe including the use of non-toxic, non-allergenic, child safe substances and that childrent are supervise 100% by an adult and wear personal protective equipment where necessary. It is advisable to wash hands before and after all activities and steps specifically instructing the supervising adult to perform MUST NOT be completed by a child under 18 years of age.